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Project 365 #132 - Water for Elephants

Day 132 - Water for Elephants - Busy day today, went straight to Tesco after work to do the weekly food shop, came home, ate my dinner, cut the grass in the back garden (I did the front garden yesterday) took this pic of Maisy playing with her toy on the freshly cut grass, then went to the cinema with Amy to watch Water for Elephants which was a fantastic movie if a bit sad (I wasn't prepared for tears) I definitely recommend it though and it was way better than Scream 4 which was the last movie I watched.

Keep Smiling


  1. Awww wee Maisy licking her nose!! At least she hasn't wrecked your grass like my pups have lol..!

  2. ah I saw Water for Elephants yesterday and LOVED it, it was such an amazing film :) xxx


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