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Project 365 #134 - Flying the flag for Eurovision

Day 134 - Flying the flag for Eurovision - Does anyone remember that god damn awful song that Scooch did for Eurovision a few years back "Were flying the flag" TRAGIC air hostess outfits and dance moves! You've gotta love Eurovision though haven't you.

Spent the morning in town looking for a dress for a wedding that I am attending next month, unfortunately I came home empty handed.........well not entirely empty handed, I did buy THIS top from Topshop and a new shirt for Dylan.  I then came home and ordered a dress from Warehouse, so not all bad.

To support Blue I spent the afternoon baking blue cupcakes, painting my nails blue and wearing an entirely blue outfit for a Eurovision party that my sister hosted.  This has go to be my current fave nail polish by Barry M (Cyan Blue) such a fab colour.  I thought Blue did a great job as did Jedward (I can't help but love those boys).

Keep Smiling


  1. Glad you had a fun Eurovision too! I've been to this party for the last couple of years where we pick a country out of a hat and support them :) I got Azerbaijan so was VERY happy!

    Rosie x

  2. not sure what your budget is for your dress but there are some really cute temperley dresses on the outnet at the moment for about £120 x

  3. Ah Rosie that is exactly what we usually do but it was all left a bit last minute this year so we just all supported Blue. I was Finland a couple of years back and came last :-( bad times

    @The Style Box - Thanks for the dress suggestion, I've managed to find a nice dress on Warehouse instead now :-) x

  4. I'm a fan to! I thought Blue did a fab job just wished they got more points as I thought they deserved it! but at least we did better than previous years...so Well done Blue!. Jedward did a great job to and I also think they deserved more points. I did my bit in wearing blue nail polish also! lol :)

  5. Lovely blog and pics:)


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