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Project 365 #135 - Cleaning my brushes and sorting my life out!

Day 135 - Cleaning my brushes and sorting my life out! - Had a day of sorting on Sunday.  I started my day by painting the tallboy that is in my spare room white and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  I then decided to clean out my cupboards, sort out all of my clothes in my drawers, sort out all of my paperwork (bills, receipts, payslips etc) and clean my make up brushes.  It felt really good to get everything in order.  I then had Roast Chicken round my parents house, mums cooking really is the best.

Keep Smiling


  1. Wow - your tall boy looks brilliant after you've done it up. Hope it didn't take too much work to do!

  2. Where are the make up brushes with the patterns on them from? They're lovely! Your tall boy looks great x

  3. Those drawers look phenomenal! I always get a bit suspicious about painting things white, but I forget how soft and feminine it can look. I wish my Sunday were as productive as yours!

  4. The tallboy looks so much better and more fresh now its been painted :) xx

  5. I did a similar thing of getting everything into the correct drawers and organising things a bit better - it feels really good! Plus I've now identified a few extra bits to go on ebay, so hopefully my new organised room might make me a couple of extra pounds.


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