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Project 365 #136 - Finally a fridge that works

Day 136 - Finally a fridge that works - I know I know, its a boring picture of my fridge but when you have been living with a fridge that acts more like a freezer you will understand my excitement.  We picked this up from Comet and said goodbye to our rubbish Hotpoint fridge.   We went for white as we plan to redo our kitchen in white gloss eventually, so it ties in with our reasonably new washing machine quite nicely (our old HOTPOINT one broke, I have nothing but hate for hotpoint).

Took half a day at work as I have soooo much homework to do for my NVQ in Team Leadership and also my photography course.  Finishing work at 12 felt amazing, I wish I could do it everyday!

Keep Smiling


  1. Good luck with your NVQ lovely. I just did my NVQ3 in pharmacy and it was sooo hard! Still waiting to hear how I did :s
    Also, you know you are a grown up when you get excited about household things. My parents bought me a tumble dryer when we first moved out, and no word of a lie, I was over the moon!

  2. I share your hatred towards HOTPOINT. Hurray for fridge magnets, love the 'Keep calm and carry on' one.


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