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Project 365 #138 - It's time to get NAKED!

Day 138 - It's time to get NAKED! - Oh I do love it when the post man brings me these lovely parcels.  I FINALLY got the Naked palette from Urban Decay.  I was so excited when I saw that it was back in stock on the Debenhams website with money off and free delivery (£28.80 instead of £32.00) as they sold out in ricidiculous time the last time they were on the website I thought I'd better snap it up quick this time and boy am I glad I did as it seems they have sold out AGAIN.  I won't go on about it too much as most people already know how amazing this palette is. The colours are amazing and it also comes with an eyeshadow brush and primer.

I also got  these 5 samples of Juicy Coutures fragance "Couture Couture" in the post today.  I tried this fragrance when I went to Plymouth in March but stupidly sprayed it onto a piece of card rather than my actual skin (Silly Sammy) .  As it smelt so good and nowhere in Cornwall sells this perfume I managed to find these tester samples on ebay, i'm hoping that someone *hint hint Dylan* will buy this for me as a present (I always feel like perfume is something that should be bought for you as a gift rather than buying it for yourself).  It's our 5 year wedding anniversary next month so maybe if I drop enough hints I might get it, heres hoping.

Keep Smiling


  1. To quote towie "jeal"

    I do love half baked


  2. Aww I'm jealous! Can't believe it's sold out AGAIN. Why can't they just make more of themmmm?! Lucky you!

    Chloe... x

  3. Sooo jealous :( I want it hahaha xx

  4. I just got mine this week I was lucky there was a fresh new order in store!! I was so exited I just love it the packaging is really classy and professional looking, I have done of there other pallettes and although the shadows do be brilliant the boxes can be quite bulky! But this one ticks all the boxes love love love it! Xx


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