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Project 365 #140 - Warehouse Plisse Dress

Day 140 - Warehouse Plisse Dress - I mentioned in a previous post that I was looking for a nice dress for my friends wedding in a couple of weeks time, after spending a day in town I came home empty handed and ordered this dress from the Warehouse website.  I tried it on and I'm really pleased with how it looks although I feel like I want to get a cream or white ribbon/belt to go round the middle.

Spent the evening at my sisters helping make a cake for my nieces 7th birthday.  The cake was a giant number 7 with fondant icing and pink butterfly's and glitter (everything a 7 year old girl could ever wish for really),  I'm pretty sure my sister will put a pic of it up on her blog eventually so you will be able to see it. I  was pretty impressed with our effort.  We then ended up having a rather hilarious evening which involved burning bras, its safe to say when my sister and I get together we always laugh and are complete nutters.  Love you big sis x

Keep Smiling


  1. I'm basically in love with this dress and want one for myself!! :(

  2. Really pretty dress, you've got a lovely blog! SusieXXX

  3. such an unusual colour! looks lovely x

  4. Gorgeous dress, love the colour!

  5. Its lovely! Such a nice colour and I think your right, it will look really cute with a cream ribbon around the middle :)

  6. Oh the big number 7 eh! I remember that birthday like it was yesterday. My cake was a clown.. I was terrified. Sounds like you had a great time with your sister.. I must say when I get together with my sister its along the lines of the same thing.

    P.s. the dress is lovely, I'm thinking a cream ribbon with a bow or something would look adorable! xx


  7. that dress looks lovely :) hope you do an outfit post with it soon! x

  8. I think this dress is perfect for a wedding and I agree, it would look perfect witha ribbon :) Maybe even a tan leather belt? I think if you matched it with your shoes, it would look super pretty <3



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