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Project 365 #141 - Teacher Theme Hen Party

Day 141 - Teacher Theme Hen Party - Saturday night I went out on a Hen Night for my friend Danielle who is getting married in a couple of weeks time.  She works as a teacher so it was decided that the theme for the night would be teachers.  We all had sashes made and donned our spectacles which I had to order from ebay as I have better than perfect eyes according to my optician (I don't know how you can get any better than perfect but whatevs) I stupidly ordered a pair that had +1 strength thinking they would be fine but they actually made me feel a little bit sick and made me look a bit cross eyed haha.  After having a few cocktails at her house we then went cruising in a hummer limo and then danced the night away in the bars/clubs, had a fab night.

Keep Smiling


  1. You look fab :).

    Sadie xx


  2. What an amazing idea for a hen night. You look great in the picture. x

  3. Such a pretty picture. Glad you had a good night xxx

  4. You look great in glasses! Almost makes you want to have shitty vision right.. right? riiiight... I would just wear them around anyway, they look great and it sounds like brilliant fun! x


  5. you look lovely in glasses! xx


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