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Project 365 #142 - Dunelm Mill

Day 142 - Dunelm Mill - Had a pretty chilled Sunday. My friend Charlotte stayed at my house on Saturday night after the hen night so we then went for a Starbucks in the morning and was joined by our other friends Amy & Matthew.  We then took a trip to Dunelm Mill as I have never been there and a new store has just opened in Truro, they had some really lovely home furnishings there.  I picked up a couple of bits including this little mat to put Maisy's food and water bowls on because my dog is a very messy drinker, she literally gets water everywhere.

Keep Smiling


  1. They are so adorable! I really like the little paw prints :) You spelt bowl as bowel, I had a little giggle then xx

  2. Haha thanks Sophie, I never would have noticed that, and I'm supposed to be a secretary!! xx


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