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Project 365 #144 - Bubbles & Candles

Day 144 - Bubbles & Candles - Today has been hella busy, had a long and busy day at work, had party tea for my nieces 7th birthday then had to dash to college for (as my mum calls it) "Camera Club" and to top it all off I have had THE worst back ache and it has progressively got worse throughout the day, cue a warm bubble bath, candles and a cup of tea.  I'm now about to put the kettle on again and fill up my hot water bottle to try and ease the pain urrgghhh

Keep Smiling


  1. Bubbles and candles, you can't beat it. Hope your back ache eases soon.

  2. nothing beats a lovely warm bath with lots of bubbles - and it's just not the same with a big light on....gotta be candles! x

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