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Project 365 #149 - Compulsive Magazine Buyer

Day 149 - I have a terrible habit of buying lots of magazines although most of them have the same gossip in them.   Weekly favourites are Heat and Look and monthly favourites are Cosmo and Ideal Home haha.  I'm also a sucker for any of those freebie magazines that you can pick up in Tesco, Boots, Superdrug, Asda.

Dylan has been away on a Stag Do this weekend and came home today sounding like he had smoked a thousand fags (he doesn't smoke btw).  It sounds like he had an awesome time.  It's nice to have him home, I was starting to get a little annoyed that he was off work but wasn't spending time with me, haha I'm such a selfish wife.

Keep Smiling


  1. I used to buy so many magazines, I don't buy as many now but I've just had to spend quite a while sorting out my magazine rack which was overflowing!

  2. i am the same, i have stacks of them!!

  3. I love all the vouchers you can get in the freebie magazines especially the Boot's ones - they always seem to be pretty handy.

  4. I'm really bad for buying loads of magazines as well! Look is my favourite:) x


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