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Project 365 #150 - Runner

Day 150 - Runner - Took the husband to Dunelm Mill today and this is what we picked up.  I love it but we had to put it off centre as it obstructs our bathroom door. But Mr Fixit has come up with a genius plan to plane off the bottom of the door so that it brushes over it (I knew there was a reason why I married him ha).
Went to the cinema to watch The Hangover Part II and as far as sequels go it was probably one of the best.  They very much stuck to the original but still managed to make it hilarious.

Keep Smiling


  1. I love Dunelm Mill, haha. Ooo, I wanna see that film!

  2. Been looking for a runner for my boyfriend and mine's new wee rental flat :) this would be perfect!! Gonna check it out.



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