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Project 365 #151 - Ooooh its fascinating

Day 151 -Ooooh its fascinating - I had such a lovely chilled evening tonight at my friend Danielle's house.  She is getting married on Saturday so Amy and I popped in to see her to check that she's not too stressed and just have a good old gossip.  I love girly chats over coffee, I much prefer it to going out on the town and getting sloshed.  I got the fascinator for the bargain price of £3 from Matalan.  I have never worn a fascinator in all my life, so I'm not really sure how its gonna go down, its such a grown up thing to wear.

Keep Smiling


  1. That's a nice fascinator, it'll go down well.

  2. sounds like a great night! coffee with the girl friends is always fun! the fascinator looks cute! tell us how it worked for you! :)


  3. I think it'll look really nice!


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