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Project 365 #153 - Fudge, Mag and Whirly Word

Day 153 - Fudge, Mag and Whirly Word - This is how my evening is going:

Came home from work/tidied husbands mess up (arrgghh clothes all over the floor make me so cross)/did the food shop (bought the fudge and mag whilst there)/ate my dinner which was chicken with salad if your interested/realised I had missed come dine with me/watched Hollyoaks instead/had a couple of games of whirly word its really addictive.

I'm now going to finish reading my mag and then take the hound for an evening walk.

Keep Smiling


  1. Omg whirly wind is so addictive, can't stop playing it, and that fudge is so nice. I don't think men know how to put their clothes away lol xxx

  2. that actually sounds like me idea of a very relaxing evening!

    You have a great blog! Please check mine out and if you like what im doing then feel free to follow me or comment! I'd really appreciate the support! xx



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