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Project 365 #162 - Tatty Bye Ombre

Day 162 - Tatty Bye Ombre - This morning I said goodbye to my ombre hair.  I did love my lighter ends but they were just so frazzled from the bleach and the blonde seemed to go an orangy colour quite quickly which is never nice.

As I have been growing out my hair to its natural colour for over a year now I didnt want to put a colour all over my head so I just literally dyed the ends with Loreal in Shade 6 Capri natural light brown and it seemed to be a really good colour match.  So I now have one tone hair, it already looks so much healthier.

I've just been watching The Cube with Tom from McFly, he did so well, I bloody love those guys!

Keep Smiling


  1. Aww I loved your ombre but it looks just as lovely now. I agree about the dry ends thing - mine wasn't even bleached that much and it's horrendously dry! Grrr xxx

  2. Have you seen their documentary on channel 5? What is wrong with Douggie nowadays? He looks permanently stoned and he's got some awful hair going on...
    Quite a few people are getting rid of the ombre, my hair was never long enough to try it : (


  3. your hair looks gorgeous! :) xx

  4. Wow, stumbled across your blog for the first time...cool space, you have nice hair too...

    Come see my heel design blogspot, all my designs are hand-drawn...take care



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