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Project 365 #168 - 5 Year Wedding Anniversary

Day 168 - 5 Year Wedding Anniversary

17 June 2011 - This day 5 years ago I married my first love, the love of my life Dylan!  I still look at him and can't believe how lucky I am to have found him.

He spoiled me rotten and bought me a beautiful charm for my pandora bracelet with the words I Love You inscribed on it and he also got me Ange ou Demon Le Secret perfume and 3 bunches of flowers.  As the weather was abysmal we had no choice but to do inside activities so we went to the Eden Project in St Austell.  For our evening meal we went to The Bay restaurant in Penzance which was delicious.  We had a lovely day x

For those of you who are wondering how we met, it happened in November 1999 at our local social club, I was 16 years old, young and naive, he was 22 and fresh out of a 2 year relationship and wasn't ready to jump straight into another one.  However we did share our first kiss at midnight on new years eve of the Millennium and dated for a month but as I said before Dylan wasn't ready to settle down and wanted to be single for a while.

I was heartbroken and after 2 years I had just about given up waiting for him.  But then Dylan joined the RAF in 2002 and something just clicked.  We started writing to each other.  It was so much easier to write down all your feelings rather than say them out loud. So after a couple of very heartfelt letters I drove the 5 1/2 hour journey up to his base in Cosford Wolverhampton (the day after Valentines day) and we decided to give the relationship another go and we've never looked back.

I don't know what made it so right this time, I think we both did a lot of growing up and I'm 99% sure that the RAF changed Dylan.  I really couldn't be happier.

Keep Smiling


  1. Happy Anniversary! Such a sweet story. Yay to finding soul mates <3 xxx

  2. This is sooo cute! Happy anniversary, hope you both enjoyed your day, and I hope I will one day be as happy as both of you :) xx

  3. This post is literally one of the sweetest things I've ever read, I think I actually had tears in my eyes. Congratulations on your anniversary, it sounds like you had a fab day despite the naff weather and I hope you have many happy years to come :) x

  4. Awwh thats sweet! Well done for 5 years! My boyfriend is also in the RAF x

  5. Awww congrats on 5 years together! Your story is adorable <3 xxx

  6. Such a lovely story :) Congrats x

  7. aw you guys! your story is so cute, mine is pretty similar it took him moving to austrailia for us to realise our feelings! thankfully he wasnt long coming home and were together 3 years now xx


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