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Project 365 #185 - Time for some new slippers

Day 185 - Time for some new slippers - I love my bedroom athletics slippers so much, they are so soft and snuggly but sadly their life has come to an end.  There is a hole in one of them and the bottoms are ripped so I am on the hunt for some new slippers.  Ultimately I want a similar boot style and have fallen in love with this fairisle pair from Very.  They look so Christmassy, I know I shouldn't be thinking of Christmas in the middle of summer and I probably shouldn't be wearing slippers in this heat, but what can I say I love to keep my feet warm.

Keep Smiling


  1. I've been reading your blog for awhile, and I love it! :) I really enjoy your photos and your positive posts. :)
    I'm also a huge slipper fan, I wear mine almost all year too.

  2. I have slippers just like those Very ones but in grey and white, soo comfy! I'm always pottering round the house in shorts, a vest and my slippers, my mum thinks I'm mad! :')


  3. Oh, I love those kind of slippers, they look so cozy! My problem with them is that it is way to warm at home in the wintertime and I cannot find a reason to buy them...

  4. I love those! I had a red couple but they became old, so i need some new ones, too.. They are perfect for the Russian winters :-)


  5. I love them! I have some checked grey ones from M&S at the moment that a fleece-lined. I love having cosy feet!


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