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Project 365 #199 - Post Swimming Treat

Day 199 - Post Swimming Treat - I've recently started swimming once a week and I also plan to start yoga once a week soon too. And what better way to finish a 45 minute non stop swimming session with a pain au chocolat and a cup of cadbury's highlights hot chocolate.  I adore hot chocolate and have tried many different kinds/brands and personally find that this low calorie version is the tastiest (which may come as a surprise to some of you).  I am also in love with Whittards white hot chocolate.  I love nothing more than cosying up next to husband in my blanket with a cup of hot choc.  For some reason over the last couple of days I have been day dreaming of Winter and Christmas.  Its probably got something to do with this dreadful summer that were having.  Roll on Crimbo.

Keep Smiling


  1. Nothing beats a nice cosy snuggly night in with a nice cup of Hot Choc, I've just started Bikram Yoga obvs the same but in a room heated upto 105°F with an humidity of 40%, good but omg kills afterwards xxx

  2. I love yoga! I hope you find time to fit it in. :) Also pain au chocolat is my favorite pastry :)

  3. Ooo.. looks like the perfect swimming treat! I am just about to start swimming once a week and am looking at yoga too! :) Both great for toning and not to harsh either! Im sooo not a runner!!

    Soo looking forward to crimbo as well - I think its the earliest Ive ever craved it! It must be the weather! Fingers crossed for a hot August! xx


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