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Project 365 #200 - Fully Loaded

Day 200 - Fully Loaded - Tuesday was the last day of my camera course and to celebrate my sister and I took a trip to KFC.  I went for the fully loaded (as I always do) and Laura went for a boneless banquet for one.  I can't recommend their chicken gravy enough, its delish.  We drove to a nearby beach to eat it and whilst there a stupid seagull decided to sit on the bonnet of my car and watch us eat.   It was also stupid enough to go for a chip that I offered it through the windscreen only to bash its beak on the glass STUPID SEAGULL, the couple in the car next to us were absolutely rolled up haha.

Keep Smiling


  1. I see St Michael's Mount! That's a pretty dumb seagull lol x

  2. Hmmmm fully loaded box meal, yum :-) x


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