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☼ Whats Hot and Whats Not ☼

Whats Hot

Side partings and sweepy fringes
Weetabix for breakfast

Laura Ashley Home Fragrance in Fresh Linen & Jasmine

Sales - Anyone who's anyone is having a sale at the mo

British Strawberries

Bright red lips - Taylor makes them look so good

Whats Not

Zigzag partings - They were never cool

Chipped nail polish

Coffee Shimmer lipstick by Rimmel - Did anyone else wear this to death as a teenager?

Marshmallow Fluff - This stuff is so difficult to get hold of in Cornwall and I need it for whoopie pies.  Luckily I managed to track it down but its a 20 minute drive

And here are a few good reads

Keep Smiling


  1. haha that zigzag parting photo is hilarious! I remember having one when i was like 8 x

  2. LOL..I haven't see those weird partitions in ages. And they even had a gadget to do it? So 90s. :)

  3. whereabouts do you get the marshmallow fluff from? it looks so good!xoxo


  4. Oh my gosh, Fluff is definitely a HOT for me! I bought the raspberry one in Cardiff yesterday and it's so lush. It's about 30 minutes away from me but so good it's worth it lol xx

  5. Great post!

    I have been eating so many strawberries lately, I love them! Especially with a nice vanilla yoghurt :)

    I've never tried Marshmallow Fluff but I have seen it on Firebox.com before!


  6. Haaha.. I forgot zigzag partings even exist! I think I actually liked them?? Oh and I'm craving weetabix like crazy now.. hope I got some! Great Post :)



  7. Yay - Fluff! Love it! I'm thinking of changing to a side parting - I think my hair at the moment makes me look about 8 years old! :P x x

  8. Aw thanks for including me in your blog recommendation :) xx


I love reading your comments ♥