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Project 365 #212 - New Project - Knitting

Day 212 - New Project - Knitting - I decided a while ago that I wanted to learn to knit, I was mainly inspired by the lovely Victoria who knitted the most beautiful scarf recently (and she is currently knitting one for me as I loved it so much, thanks my sweet).

I had originally planned on attending a course but after speaking to a pro (my mum) she said not to bother going to a course and she would show me all her skills.  My mum used to knit us the most amazing jumpers when we were little, I always remember she knitted my sister a Rainbow Brite jumper with detachable hair, it was AMAZING, I couldn't wait for her to grow out of it so it could be handed down to me :-) As I haven't held a pair of knitting needles in years (mum did teach me a looooong time ago) I'm going to start with something simple and my first project will be a blanket for the bambino, I'm so excited to get started and I love the fact that I get to actually make something for the babe .  My first lesson is on Friday.

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  1. I love knitting! It's a really fun thing to do while watching a movie, and it's quite relaxing. Of course, I've only every made scarves... Good luck!!

  2. I learnt to knit last year, and I love it! It's such a useful skill to have, and imagine all the baby bits you can knit! :)


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