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Project 365 #214 - New Discovery - Blush as Lippy

Day 214 - New Discovery - Blush as Lippy - Whilst applying MAC's Posey Cream Blush to my cheeks I thought to myself .............. "I wonder what this looks like on my lips" So I applied a bit and was very impressed with the outcome, so much so that I mentioned it to my friend that also has the same blush.  I know I look like a total cow bag in the picture but its difficult to show off a lip shade when you've got your nashers out, so smiling was a no go!

Keep Smiling (even if I'm not)


  1. Oooh I love it! Great idea!
    I only tried it with Tea Rose cream blusher by NYX

    *writes Posey Cream Blush on wishlist*

  2. just discovered your blog through lily loves lola I love it :) I have to try posey on my lips I can only wear it on my cheeks at certain times of the year so this might be the answer xx


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