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Project 365 #219 - Asda Bargains

Day 219 - Asda Bargains - It may seem a bit weird putting a photograph of my underwear on here but I desperately needed to buy some new bras as my *ahem* bad boys seem to have benefited quite a bit from pregnancy and I have gained a cup size!! I already own a couple of Asda bra's and I really rate them and they are so cheap.  The grey and white ones came in a pack together for £8 and the black one was £6.  I also picked up this cute little book on stir fry's, it was reduced from £5 to £2.

Keep Smiling


  1. I need some new basic bras never really thought to look in asda next time my mum drags me along the food shop i think i'll wander into the underwear section ahah that sounds creepy :| anyways nice post xx

  2. i love going shopping to Asda and finding some goodies!:)

  3. Oh my gosh I had no idea you were pregnant Congrats, lady, that's fab news!!!


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