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Project 365 #225 - New Shoes and Goonies at the Drive-In

Day 225 - New Shoes and Goonies at the Drive-In - I picked up a new pair of shoes today for work from Dorothy Perkins.  Husband actually bought them for me on Thursday whilst they were doing 30% off everything in store but when I tried them on I realised I actually needed the size up so I went into town and swapped them for a size up today.

After an afternoon of cleaning I then went to a Drive-In  movie with my sister, her husband and 2 friends (husband was working) to watch The Goonies.  It was an evening of fun and laughter, we started off with dinner in the car, I had a pasty whilst the others enjoyed KFC, a stroll to the beach, cupcakes made by my sister and then the film.  I dressed for the occasion by pinching husbands Goonies t-shirt.  It really was a fab evening.

Keep Smiling

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  1. That looks like such a fun evening. I'd love somewhere that did a drive-in. I've always wanted to go to a drive-in since I first saw Grease but there's nowhere here :( Wales sucks sometimes lol xxx


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