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Project 365 #236 - Winged eyeliner

Day 236 - Winged eyeliner - Seriously loving the winged eyeliner look.  I had stopped doing it for a while (mainly because I ran out of the stuff).  The best eyeliner for me is by far M.A.C black track fluid line, I use it with a super thin eyeliner brush from Lilylolo.

Keep Smiling


  1. Erm, this is perfect! How do you manage it? Mine ends up a right old mess :( xx

  2. Haha, lots of practice and a steady hand. I get a lot of my make up tips from youtube!! x

  3. I ordered an angled eyeliner blush in the Model's Own sale and now plan on getting Mac Blacktrack Fluidline :D Glad to know it's a great eyeliner as I'm a bit scared of the price! I'm used to cheap eyeliner in a tube with a crappy applicator, so hopefully using an eyeliner brush will go well :) x

  4. You look beautiful! I can never do mine like this!
    Found you on bloglovin's up and comers. You have a loyal new follower xx


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