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Project 365 #240 - Bath

Day 240 - Bath - Day 2 of our camping trip was spent in Bath City Centre.  Husband and I came here 2 years ago and it has changed so much since then.  They have a lot more shops now which I was thrilled about and I managed to pick up a couple of nice bits including my first maternity item of clothing (i'll do a separate post on what I got).  We had a Starbucks break (I had decaff being preggo and all that).  Had dinner in Giraffe and then played domino's back in the campervan.  Domino's is probably one of my fave games, I think it helps that I nearly always win at it (which I did again on this particular night).

Keep Smiling


  1. Love the look of concentration in the dominoes pic! :P
    Those little people hugging the tree are awesome :D


  2. It's weird seeing these pics of all the places we visited a few weeks ago! :) x


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