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Project 365 #243 - Bath Purchases

Day 243 - Bath Purchases - So this is what I picked up from Bath.

Berry Sweater - £19.99
Peace Tee - £7.99

My first maternity clothing item, I'm in love with the berry colour that is apparently going to be big this Autumn/Winter and look at those lovely elbow pads, how cool.

I've wanted a tee with a peace sign on it in like forever so there was no way I was leaving without this bad boy.  Its nice and long too so will cover the bump quite well.

Accessorize Hat - £5.76
Whittards Hot Chocs in White & Banoffee - £3 each
Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Butter - £12

This hat was an absolute steal.  As soon as I saw it I pulled it onto my head and fell in love, it looks so Christmassy and cosy.  I knew it would be expensive but had to check the price anyway and it was £24 but when I looked a little closer I saw that there was a 70% off sticker stuck to it, I couldn't believe my luck.  Husband told me I could only have it if I could work out how much it was with the discount, so after putting my mathematic skills to the test and coming up with the figure £7.20 I trotted on over to the till only for the shop assistant to say "thats £5.76 then please"  I had to stop myself from telling her she was wrong, turns out there was an extra 20% off sale items WINNER!

I also picked up the pink grapefruit body butter from Body Shop as it smells divine.  And popped into Whittards to pick up some more white hot chocolate as we have run out and to my delight the hot choc was £3 instead of £5.50 so I picked up a banoffee flavour too.

Keep Smiling


  1. I love the berry coloured top! Loving the elbow patches at the moment, I bought myself a couple of cardis from h&m with them on last weekend.
    Cute hat too :) x

  2. You'll be well set for the winter with that hat!

  3. Ooohhh LOVE that hat!! Will have to visit Accessorize tomorrow lunchtime! :) x

  4. I love this berry colour!
    I have however tried this white hot chocolate and think it's minging! haha


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