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Project 365 #246 - Burberry Freebie

Day 246 - Burberry Freebie - You may or may not know of the little freebie that Burberry were doing on their Facebook site, basically if you like their facebook page you could grab yourself a sample of their new fragrance called Body.  My sample came today and it is actually rather nice.  For some reason I always associate Burberry as being a chavvy brand I think it goes back to the days when all the chavs used to go around with those checkered burberry caps.  But it really is a nice fragrance perfect for autumn/winter.

Keep Smiling


  1. What lovely packaging! (for something free!) xxx

  2. seen a few people get this and say its nice wish id of seen lol.
    i always thing of chavs to when i hear of burberry x

  3. I'm also waiting for this to arrive, I'm suprised to see it's not a cheap postal card with a super tiny sample!

  4. Cool blog, just requested my free sample, can't wait! Thanks for informing us all x


  5. congratulations on ur pregnancy my dear!!! ur blog is amazing that i had to read all the archives!! n u always look gorgeous :)


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