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Project 365 #261 - Goodbye!

Oh crums.....

Do you like my lippie? 

Jeans - Topshop Baxter
Jacket - Bershka
Wellies - Hunter

Day 261 - Goodbye! - Today was a sad day as I had to say my goodbyes to husband as he is going to Oman for 6 weeks (thank god its only 6 weeks). Started the day off on a high with breakfast in bed and a nice cuppa.  It then rained a lot but once we saw a break in the clouds we took the dog for a lovely walk.  Dylan left at about 4pm, I'm pretty rubbish at goodbyes,  but at least I get to plan exciting things for us to do when he gets home.  It was as if the baby knew he was going away because the little nugget was kicking so hard last night that Dylan got to feel it for the first time (well done baby!) it was such a beautiful moment (I may have shed a little tear or two) and I'm so glad he got to feel it before leaving.

Keep Smiling


  1. I hope the 6 weeks goes quickly for you both xx

  2. Love the lippie! Fab colour on you.

    Goodbyes are horrid but how lovely that the baby kicked! A nice sneaky peak at the future! x

  3. Time will fly hun, he will be back before ya know it and doing lots of fun things together! Happy for uthat he got to feel baby kicking before leaving. xxx

  4. Aww well done Baby Sunshine, turning something not-nice into something very special. Goodbyes are sucky but it'll fly by before you know it.

    And that red lippie looks GORGEOUS on you - which one is it?


  5. I know what you mean, goodbyes suck big time:( I spent 10months last year away from my husband, seeing him for a few days every 6-8 weeks and it was horrible:( I hope those 6 weeks go quickly for you guys! So lovely the baby kicked for him to feel it, though! :) x

  6. That breakfast looks delish!
    At least you have baby sunshine to keep you company :) x


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