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☼ Whats Hot and Whats Not ☼

Whats Hot

☼-The fact that a little person is cooking up rather nicely in my belly.  Babs seems to like dancing about in there too, make yourself at home why don'tcha
☼-When husband leaves for work and he not only kisses me goodbye but also kisses my belly and gives it a little rub.  He's the sweetest.
☼-Seeing our little-en doing a massive yawn whilst having my scan. I'm sorry my womb is such a boring place baby but don't worry there's is plenty to see and do on the other side of my belly.
☼-All things autumn/winter I'm loving anything berry coloured and fairisle print
☼-Singing happy last day to husband in the tune of "happy birthday" whilst holding a tray of croissants and tea for breakfast in bed...... I'm such a good wife
☼-Hot Chocolate with tons of marshies and sprinkles!! P.S. I also enjoy the odd squirt of whippy cream

Whats Not

☼-Husband leaving for Oman for 6 weeks. I'll miss you baby daddy!
☼-OK were gonna get a little personal here..... Pregnancy totally buggers up your digestive system, constipation and bloatedness are not sexy!
☼-The lack of knitting. I really DO need to crack on with that if I want to finish this blanket before the babe comes.
☼-Burning my hand on the grill whilst turning the "happy last day" croissants
☼-Trying to decide whether September is too early to blast the central heating on??

Keep Smiling



  1. awww, this is so sweet! and i was reading your last few posts, thats so lovely your husband got to feel the baby move before he left!! I know how rubbish it is missing your other half while pregnant too- we had just moved back in with our parents after finishing uni when i got uni,. and he is living an hour away, so i get to see him once every week if Im lucky! hopefully that will change soon. I hope your husband hurries back fast!
    x x x

  2. Yum that hot choc looks amazing! x

  3. Super photos, the hot chocolate with marshmallows and those croissants look delicious :)

  4. I have given you an award, over at my blog egtx3 :)


  5. Thank you for the lovely comment! Your blog is beautiful!
    x x x


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