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☼ Whats Hot and Whats Not ☼

I am not a Mexican!
Leggings - Topshop
Dress - Newlook 915 range
Cape - Dorothy Perkins

Whats Hot

☼ - The Body Shop - quite possibly the most generous shop going.  Thanks for all the freebies and samples
☼ - Husband has been gone for one week, the first week is always the worst so I'm glad its done - only 5 more to go!
☼ - DKNY Golden Delicious - I had a whiff of this whilst browsing around Boots and gosh this stuff really smells delish - I think it might be going on my Christmas list (yep already thinking of Christmas)
☼ - All the adorable baby clothes in Marks & Spencers - I couldn't help but pick up a little baby sleepsuit, it has a little hood, too cute for words.
☼ - Jordans Granola Super Berry - Wowzers this stuff tastes amazeballs.
☼ - Setting my washing machine on a timer to come on before I wake up and it actually working - I am a domesticated genius
☼ - My lady lumps - Will they ever stop growing? Not complaining..... I've always had a chest like a 12 year old boy

Whats Not

☼ - WIND - just in general really.  Wind really stresses me out when I'm walking the dog, especially when you've got lipgloss on and your hair keeps sticking to your lips eurrgghh!! And you know that other type of wind.... you know..... the trapped kind, well that sucks too!
☼ - People having bonfires when my washing is on the line - Mmmm thanks... just the scent I was going for lavender and charcoal!
☼ - Whilst walking Maisy this week I spotted an older couple pushing a pram in front of me, I thought "how lovely they must be taking their grandchild out for a stroll", well they were walking pretty slow so as I passed them I had a little look in the pram to find a dog looking back at me, no word of a lie, A DOG!  I'm not sure what to do with that??
☼ - The scab from my burning incident last weekend.  Its now tight, itchy and flaky.  Yeah real sexy!

Keep Smiling


  1. Try a moisturiser from Lush. I know any old moisturiser might do the trick, but I used Smitten (its in the retro range now) and it stopped the itching and it also helped reduce the amount of scarring (I know cos I burnt the other wrist too and didn't use it lol).

    Dogs in prams - so so weird.


  2. That cape is AMAZING!! I might have to go and get it! :) x


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