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Project 365 #273 - Say Cheese!

273 - Say Cheese! - Went to the dentist to give the gnashers a good old MOT.  Now call me weird but i actually enjoy going to the dentist especially when they give them a good polish, there's nothing better than smooth shiny teeth.  My dentist is always really complimentary, he always says the same thing to me every time "very nice.....very nice indeed".  I must be doing something right!  And whats even better is that preggo's get free dental treatment.......please can we be clear that this is not the reason I got knocked up!  Oh and if your wondering what that shade of lippy is that im wearing its Shanghai Red by Chanel (I think its discontinued *sorry*) and Chanel lip gloss in number 69 over the top.

Keep Smiling (go on get your gnashers out)


  1. I love going to the dentist! Nothing at all to do with the fact that my dentist is very handsome! (and me a married woman)! What a lovely happy smile you have :) x

  2. I used to be really scared of going to the dentist, but that's because mine was really creepy haha! He didn't really talk, just whispered at me D: I have a different one now and she's lovely and compliments my teeth too :) x


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