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Project 365 #283 - Never change a good thing

Day 283 - Never change a good thing - This may seem a bit of a strange post but I have this thing about the toothpaste that I use.  In fact i'm like it with a lot of other things too, don't even get me started on deodorant.  I have been using this toothpaste for about  8 years and in that time I have tried others but it has got to the point now that if it ain't aquafresh multi-action + whitening I don't wanna touch it! It comes down to that good old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

Do you have a particular brand of product that you stick to?

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  1. I'm allergic (contact allergy yay) to toothpastes, so I'm on a hunt for one that doesn't cause my lips to swell :P x

  2. I'm a colgate girl through and through :)


  3. I always buy Crest - always had it when I was little so carried on buying it. I never think of myself as being loyal to a particular brand but I am when it comes to tomato sauce and baked beans and that's Heinz! No other will do.

  4. Hah I was rabbiting on about the new OralB sensitive tooth paste today. I LOVE IT! Never have I had cleaner feeling pegs and I really like the taste!

    My boyfriend on the other had has Mcleans (I think) and it's such a strong taste it makes me gag!

  5. I like that your blogging is so down to earth that you blog about toothpaste! Awesome! :D

  6. I've been using Dove deodorant since forever. I confess, I've gone mad a couple of times and got a variation of the Dove stick, but it never ended well.

    Dove original 'til I die baby!


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