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Project 365 #285 - Thumbs up to the A* Student

Day 285 - Thumbs up to the A* Student - Today I spent the day in college taking my Key Skills Exams and completing my NVQ 2 in Team Leading.  I literally only found out I needed to take the Key Skills exams last week as I was originally told that I didn't need to do them as I had already completed them in 2003 but because it was over 5 years ago I had to redo them all again BOO HISSSS!!!!  So after attending no lessons and having no time to even prepare myself I was thrown into doing my Application of Number and Communication exams today and to my surprise I aced them, 100% and 97%. Chuffed as nuts!


  1. 100 and 97% that is awesome! You are glowing in your pic! x

  2. Congratulations :) I have recently started following your blog and absolutely love it, I look forward to reading your posts everyday! xxx


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