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Project 365 #287 - Currently Loving......

Day 287 - Currently Loving...... CHEESE SPREAD & HAM SARNIES.  My friend mentioned that she had given her gorgeous little 7 month old girl (who just so happens to be my god daughter) cheese spread sandwiches a few days ago and since that day I have been dreaming about them.   So this is my current love, I simply can't get enough of them.  Oh and btw the crisps are Wheat Crunchies in Worcester Sauce flavour, yummers!

Had my usual pregnancy yoga session this evening which I found really beneficial as I've been getting terrible back ache these last few days, so it felt really good to stretch it out!

Keep Smiling


  1. mmmmm yum yum! Hope have a lovely weekend hun xxxx

  2. I love cheese spread! i even eat it on toast for breakfast! x


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