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Project 365 #292 - My dog is a tea hag!

Day 292 - My dog is a tea hag! - My little Maisy dog loves a cup of tea almost as much as Dyl and I.  She knows exactly what I'm saying when I say "do you want a cuppa" and runs out to the kitchen and stands by her bowl like a good girl whilst I get a brew on, I love how lush my dog is!

Quick question... did anyone watch the Kardashian Wedding?  STUNNING!

Keep Smiling


  1. Our three labradors all love tea as well :D Sometimes as a treat we make them a bowl of tea and they love it. Whenever they're in the house and we're having a cuppa, they'll sit in front of us waiting for the little bit we leave at the bottom of the mug for them :P x

  2. This is so sweet! my dog loves tea as well, many times I have put a cup down beside me and when I go to drink it she has drank the lot! x

  3. Hi, I really like your blog:)


  4. Aww! Daisy has the same bowl as Flossie!
    Our Floss loves a brew, we can't leave a cup anywhere unsupervised ;) xx

  5. awww! that is so cute :) x x x

  6. haha. I never knew dogs liked tea! I might give mine a little taste :)



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