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Project 365 - #293-#299

Day 293
My new Christmas hole punches (im going to attempt to make my own Christmas Cards and Labels)

Day 294
 Homemade Pumpkin Soup – I made a massive batch of pumpkin soup using THIS recipe, it is blooming delicious

Day 295
My new sleeping companion – The Dreamgenii.  Can't wait to introduce husband to this when he comes home, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be thrilled about it!

Day 296
Banana and Chocolate Hot Chocolate at my local shakeshop – Amazeballs

Day 297
A lovely bunch of flowers – Left on my doorstep by my friends after having a really crappy week.

Day 298
A gift for baby from my lovely friend Mel J

Day 299
Horlicks – My new love, thank you for helping me sleep

I have seriously had NO TIME whatsoever to get onto a computer to update my blog this week, hence the picture overload!!  Its been a bit of a crappy week really, after my last post I received some rubbish news that Dylan was going to be sent away AGAIN from 22 Dec - 18 Jan which means he would be away for another Christmas let alone the fact that it is 2 weeks before the baby is due.  Bearing in mind he's not even back from Oman yet I didn't take this news very well.  However they have managed to find someone else to send in his place (phew) which is a massive relief,  but it kinda brought it home that no matter what, he is always going to miss out on important things whilst he stays in the RAF and he's had enough of missing out on everything.  I'm not really sure where we go from here as leaving the forces is something that requires a lot of thought, but its looking like it could be an option??? Who knows???

Keep Smiling


  1. Im probaly your youngest follower (14!) but I really love reading your blogs i find them really interesting :) xx

  2. I was worrying about you yesterday due to lack of updates. I was hoping all was okay and I'm glad to see it is! (apart from hubby being away which I imagine is very hard to deal with).

    I'm attempting homemade all-sorts this Christmas - cards, tags, presents, a stocking or 2 maybe!? It's so much fun making a mess and getting crafty stuff everywhere!

    Gosh I haven't had horlicks in forever. Must pick some up next time I'm shopping :)


  3. Those Christmas hole punches are so cute, must get some of those myself :)
    Never tried banana and chocolate hot chocolate before but sounds like it was yummy, looked it anyway!

    I hope you feel better soon, cute baby gift too! xx

  4. Oh my girl you poor thing!! As I read that I was like, "Nooooo, they can't have him back, he's going to have a baby you daft gooses!!"

    So relieved they've found a replacement, but what a thing to have to go through for a while there eh?

    How are you finding the dreamgenii by the way? I'm getting to the point now where sleeping is starting to get a tad uncomfortable, but I'm still not sure. Would you recommend it?

  5. Aww firstly a sorry you has crappy week honey, but real pleased for u that Dylan is here for christmas,my heart sank when i read the first bit abou him being away for christmas. The Hot choc looks so yummy!! And then maybe just hve a chat with dylan when he gets back an decide what is best for you three as a family. Hope everything works out well . Keep ya chin up.xxxxxx

  6. I was thinking something was probably not going well because you didn't update! I'm so sorry to hear you had a lousy week, but all the lovely things in your pictures must be making things a little better. Keep smiling yourself, and have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  7. Banana and Chocolate Hot Chocolate sounds delicious!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. I love those hole punches, where are they from? Definitely think making your own Christmas labels is a good idea :) xx

  9. Glad to hear he is staying! :) Yeay!! I can completely relate to how you were feeling - when you hear that news your heart just completely sinks doesn't it. My husband was in the Army for 8 years and left in 2009.. he started to hate being away all the time which made him resent and fall out of love with the job. Leaving was hard, and it seemed so weird living outside of the patch at first! But its totally worth it and 2 1/2 years later both him and I have never been happier! :) There are so many pros and cons to being in the forces and in civvie street! You just have to do what makes you happiest!

    On another note those stamps are GORGEOUS! Where did you get them from?



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