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Project 365 #311 - Its good to be bad

Day 311 - Its good to be bad -Thoroughly enjoyed eating this on Sunday morning!  Sometimes you just need some stodge in your life, although I am more of a Weetabix for breakfast kinda gal it felt good to be bad!

Spent the rest of the day supervising husband whilst he did some DIY jobs around the house and then had a lovely roast dinner with the in laws.  Perfect Sunday!

Keep Smiling


  1. I was quite naughty this week and had 2 McDonalds eeeeek. Especially bad when I normally ever have McDonalds like twice a year! But it tasty so good.

  2. I had one of these this morning, i love the hash browns! x

  3. Just decided that because of your post I'm going to have a McDonalds breakfast ;) I've never actually had one before and since everyone goes on about them to me I figured I should try it :) x


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