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Project 365 #317 - Domino's & Movie Night

Day 317 - Domino's & Movie Night - The lovely people of Domino's recently contacted me offering free Pizza in return for a blogpost.........they so know the way to a pregnant girls heart!!! Who in there right mind what pass up on free Domino's?

Those of you that have followed my blog for a while will already know that I am a massive lover of Domino's anyway and the fact that they offer half price pizza to Armed Forces Servicemen makes me love them more. So Saturday night was spent watching a movie and stuffing my face.  After perusing the pizza menu and making our decisions we set off to collect our pizza.

 We went large!!
 I had half Vegetarian Supreme and half Metilicious
 Dylan went for half Mighty Meat and half Hot & Spicy with stuffed crust

Throw in some Coleslaw, Chicken Wings and a pot of Ben & Jerrys and you've got yourself a feast!!!  Although I didn't go much on the chicken wings, Dylan was all over them.  The pizza was delicious, Dylan wasn't a massive fan of the stuffed crust but at least he gave it a go!  The Ben & Jerry's Phish Food was the icing on the cake.  We then had a very chilled evening watching our film of choice, The Tourist,it was a gooden!

Keep Smiling


  1. Right now I can't think of anything I'd love more than free pizza! Well done to Domino's for doing half price for servicemen :)

    Sarah x


  2. I think I need tome Domino´s in my life promptly!:) x

  3. I didn't realise Domino's did half price pizzas for servicemen either, good on 'em!

    You ordered all my faves too. I am in LOVE with their garlic and herb dip so always order extra of these to go with my pizza crusts. :D

    Kim x

  4. Oohhh pizza , I could probably live on it for the rest of my yummmy in my tummy :)


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