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Project 365 #318 - Treasure Trail

Day 318 - Treasure Trail - On Sunday I went to St Mawes with husband and my friends to do a Treasure Trail.  You are given a set of clues that you need to solve to find the hidden treasure. They really are great fun and a good way to explore a town/city/village.  This is about the 5th Treasure Trail we have done now and although I have lived in Cornwall for nearly 28 years I can safely say these fun days out have taught me a lot about Cornwall and we have discovered some really nice places. 

I guessed the wrong location of the treasure so this is my sad face :-(
Going across the River Fal on the King Harry Ferry 

Sunday Roast for Lunch
Dylan's got his pose on!
St Mawes Castle 
Remembrance Sunday 

Keep Smiling


  1. LOVE the 'Blue Steel' and cheesy grin combo - very cute. :D

    Kim x

  2. That Sunday Roast had me drooling! I grew up in Newcastle but moved over to Australia when I was 11. My mums English and her roasts are among my favourite meals ever! Wish it was cool enough to do them every Sunday still, but unfortunately as we're heading into summer it's just too hot to get the oven going for that long :(

    LOVE your blog by the way! You have definitely got me thinking about doing a project 365 myself! :)

    xx hugs from Melbourne, Australia

  3. Beautiful pictures! That roast looks yummy! xx


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