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Project 365 #325 - Birthday Gifts

Day 325 - Birthday Gifts - I got some really lovely gifts for my birthday this year.  Dylan got me Tall Chesnut Ugg Boots, the Baby Whisperer Book and also a gift card for a hydrotherm massage which is suitable for preggos and is the best gift in the world for me as I have been having some serious back ache. All the other gifts were from friends and family.  My sister got me the lovely pandora charm and I bought the slippers from Accessorize with some of my birthday money. The Candyman DVD is a bit of an ongoing joke with one of my friends..... I now own the trilogy haha!

Keep Smiling


  1. Those cupcake spoons are adorable, hope you had a great day xxx

  2. some great goodies there! xx i love my uggs so cosy in this weather x

  3. Looks like you had some lovely presents, i love the cupcake things. Gem x

  4. Happy Birthday! You have some lovely pressies :)xx


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