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9 months......

Top - All Saints
Leggings & Vest - Topshop

So this is what 9 months pregnant looks like guys and gals!  I pretty much live in leggings and cannot wait to wear a pencil skirt again one day.  

Yesterday I had a very chilled out day, my darling husband bought me a hydrotherm massage for my birthday as I have been getting quite a bit of back ache and so I went along to the beauty salon and sunk into  the water pillows whilst they massaged my back.  It's perfect for pregnant ladies as its all donewhilst lying on your back rather than your front.  Finished off the day with a luxury pedicure where I had my nails painted in this beautiful colour by Zoya, I did look at the name of it but forgot it within hmmmmm 2 milliseconds, sorry!

Whilst I was in town I decided to spoil myself and buy the lipstick that was in my previous post but Maybelline don't seem to stock the colour fuchsia anymore so I went for Pink Punch instead.  I basically wanted a bright pink fuchsia colour for Spring (hence why I thought the colour fuchsia would be a sure winner) and this one ticks all the boxes.  I spent the day with my sister today and decided to wear it and I'm impressed, I've got a feeling its going to be my new fave lippy!  My sister also used her new Babyliss Wave Envy on my hair, what do you think?  I'm personally loving the beachy mermaid waves. 

Keep Smiling


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous! x

  2. Not long 'til you meet your little baba now! Bet you're so excited :)



  3. Love that colour. What a lovely treat for you- and well deserved. Hope you arent too tired in month 9- not long to go!! xx

  4. You look fabulous! From your first picture I didn't even know you were pregnant! I'm sure you just can't wait now, but you still look totally glam!


    ps lovely husband

  5. If I ever have kids I hope I look this pretty, happy & relaxed at 9 months! The lippy suits you xx

  6. Sam you look gorgeous! Looking forward to the day you announced he or she has arrived :)

  7. Love the second photo, that's one for the family album that.
    Toes look fab, nice polish.

    Best Wishes for 2012 from me BTW.

  8. you look amazing! I hope I feel like this when im 9 months! haha <3

    1. I've passed on the versatile blogger award to you :) You can see the details at hellosunshine26.blogspot.com x

  9. You look great! LOVE the polish color and great lipstick color too!

  10. Your glowing! Not long now :)

  11. Really lovely photos! you look very happy and your baby must be coming in to a loving home!

  12. You look absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see the little one, not long to go now :) xx


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