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due date

Well............I was supposed to have a baby today apparently??  Rather than feeling disappointing about the fact that said baby is still tucked up rather nicely in my womb we decided to celebrate the day by eating cinnamon swirls, taking a stroll along the beach in the glorious Cornish sunshine where husband kindly informed me that I had snot hanging out of my nose (the cold air does it to me alright) and then told me to run because it would induce labour......... I tried it........it didn't work.......but Dylan did get a good laugh at watching a 9 month pregnant lady trying to run.  Finished the afternoon off drinking rhubarb white hot chocolate, I even treated myself to Look mag.

Come on baby.... I know you've probably set up quite a nice little home in my womb, and whilst you might find it comfortable being permanently tucked under my ribs, I'm starting to find it a little uncomfortable.  Its time you moved out already, mama and dada are dying to meet you x

Keep Smiling


  1. Aw! I hope baby comes soon! So exciting :) But sounds like a lovely day. xx

  2. I've probably posted this on your blog before, but I really do go "awwwwhhh" out loud whenever I read about mums wanting to meet their little babies :) I hope your baby comes soon!



    1. Haha, we are so desperate to meet him/her now! x

  3. This is beyond cute, so excited for you! Love reading your blog so much :)

  4. I love cinnamon swirls.. you're making me want one just looking at it :(

    Hope your baby comes soon! Bet you're tired of waiting by now!

  5. What an exciting time! Really enjoy reading your posts....those hot chocolates looks delicious too!

    Sophie x x

  6. You look so beautiful in your photos!
    I just came across your blog today and I'm really enjoying reading back through your archives.

    Good luck with your baby! Hopefully you'll be meeting him/her very very soon. xx

  7. Aww I hope he/she comes along soon, but at least you had a nice day out today :) x

  8. OMG! I had no idea you lived there! That's my favourite place in the world! I used to go on holiday there every year with my family (and still do now with all my friends!)

    Oh you lucky thing!

    Hope everything goes okay for you when the baby does decide to arrive. I bet you are so excited!

  9. Ive loved following your pregnancy the whole way along, you have looked so beautiful and radiant throughout, I feel for you though as I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be at this stage!

    Hopefully your little baba will pop out soon to say hello!
    Looking forward to finally hearing what you have!

    best of luck with it all, and I hope the process of meeting baby goes smoothly and quickly for you

    karen xx

  10. I thought as you'd not posted in a few days that you may have had the baby. I remember the disappointment when due date arrived and there was no sign (all three of mine were at least a week late, my son was 15 days late!) but like you we chose to do something nice to make it a happy day anyway. Fingers crossed baby comes soon though the cold weather would make anybody want to stay put! x

  11. I read somewhere that it's not uncommon for first time babies to be an average 5 days overdue, in France gestation is 41 weeks instead of our 40 weeks.

    That said, I hope little baby sunshine comes soon! If I don't get the chance again, I just wanted to wish you good luck with it hun. You'll ace it and I'm so excited for you!

    Kim xx

  12. Too cute! I dont know how your so patient! Im 6 months and cant wait!! haha Good luck!! XO

  13. I hope baby comes soon. I remember how it feels waiting, being impatient and excited all at once. X

  14. Yum yum those hot chocolates look so nice!! xxx


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