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shrove tuesday

Today has been a super productive day...... After another night of broken sleep {1-2 hourly feeds with my boy, but so worth it} I managed to drag myself out of bed, get washed up, put a bit of make-up on because hell I may feel tired but I refuse to look it.....thank you YSL touche eclat! Baby and Mama then did the food shop whilst Daddy Cool was ripping out the bathroom {our timing is great for starting new projects I tell ya}.  I managed to make a cup of tea and lunch for the both of us and eat it with TWO HANDS because Fletcher was asleep.  I then miraculously found time to bake a banana cake.  It felt soooo good to bake again and boy did it smell good.  Dinner involved an array of pancakes, my fave will always be banana with squirty cream and I'm now sat here trying to decide what to give up for lent?? What are you guys giving up? I need some inspiration.  Happy Pancake Day :-)

Keep Smiling


  1. Giving up crisps and chocolate and general sugary foods :) healthy time for me!

  2. Wow, sounds like a great day! Fletcher is looking wonderful. For Lent, I'm giving up using social networking on my phone. It'll be so hard (I'll miss my late-night Twitter checks just because I'm bored) but I think I'll focus much more on my surroundings now. xx

  3. I'm thinking of giving up bread.

    let us know what you give up :)

    Also, Fletcher is adorable x


  4. I gave up online shopping, lasted a day!

    ps iv tagged u in a post


  5. Omg that pancake looks amazing! And Fletcher is sooooo cute! x


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