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grey day

Everything about today was grey apart from my mood.  The weather was grey and unintentionally so was my outfit, but there is nothing grey about my mood, I am in the best mood ever.  Dylan came home from work today so I've had a lovely day with my 2 favourite boys.

This morning I was interrupted mid nappy change by the doorbell, upon opening the door I was greeted by the postman with not 1 but 3 parcels for me *oh how I love parcels*.  He was all apologetic because it was 7:30am and he thought he had interrupted my sleep, little did he know that Fletcher is pretty good at doing that.   Anyhoo.........onto the parcels.

The first was my new Snugiwrap baby sling which I have been very excited about and just so happens to be the colour grey.  I've been wearing it around the house pretty much all day and I now have a happy baby and a clean house (soooo good to have 2 hands again).  The second parcel was a gift that I ordered for my God Daughter's 1st birthday (if you must know......it is Sophie the Giraffe, someones got some nasty teeth coming through).  The third parcel was my new Tigi S Factor Shampoo & Conditioner and let me tell ya, this stuff smells divine.

Husband strolled through the door at about 12:30pm and then there was another knock at the door ANOTHER PARCEL, this time it was a pair of sunglasses that I ordered back in December (more on that in a separate post).  After lunch we went for a family walk to the park and then the 3 of us had snuggles on the sofa when we got home *happy girl*.  To top it off were having a junk food dinner, KFC here we come.

Keep Smiling


  1. You look lovely! That sling looks great. Parcels really are the best. xx

  2. Aw what a lovely post. You seem so happy! That sling is a great idea for being hands free! x

  3. You look great! Where's that adorable dress from?! I need one! Love reading your blog :) Soph x

    1. Thank you, your very kind. The dress is from Dorothy Perkins a few months ago now so they may not have it in stock anymore but they do have similar styles x


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