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my kinda night


Last Friday husband and I had ourselves a little date night {stay at home style}. It started with the recreation of Ikea's infamous Swedish meatballs for dinner followed by some Swedish lemon fairy cakes for dessert......can you see a theme {It was Swedish week at the supermarket Lidl}.  Baby was then bathed, sung to, fed and put to bed at 8:30pm {a routine we've been doing since week 1} leaving the rest of the evening for a movie, popcorn and yes you guessed it Swedish beer. I'm actually not a massive fan of alcohol and very rarely drink the stuff but as it was date night I made an exception. Turns out quarter of a bottle was enough for me before I cracked out the cranberry juice. 

Keep smiling 



  1. Oooh I thought these looked like IKEA meatballs, I love them :)

    Your baby looks so much like you! Adorable x

  2. Fletcher is just so cute, I can't stand it! xx

  3. Fletcher is sooo stinkin cute!!! I haven't been up on my blogs lately- so congrats on the baby! how lovely to have time to get in a date night at home! I'm excited for that point in my life (having a family)!! like I said, adorable little guy!!!

  4. Hoegaarden is from Belgium :) not that it matters but try a cranberry beer next time


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