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Prada 21NS

Friday I received a long awaited pair of sunglasses. Please let me introduce to you the Prada 21NS in black.

Ok so there's a bit of a story behind them....it's rather a long story but I'll try and shorten it for ya........let's set the scene:

Its 29th December, its just after Christmas, I'm heavily pregnant with Christmas money to spend. Ordinarily I would buy clothes but that wasn't an option this year so I went for sunglasses instead.  I always knew i wanted cat eye frames (its all Olivia Palermo's fault) and after falling in love with this pair by Prada I went ahead and ordered them from sunglasses-shop.com who informed me they didn't have them in stock but that they could order them in for me and it would take 7-10 working days. I ordered them ......... I waited.......... nothing

10 weeks, 16 emails and 1 complaint later they finally turn up.  Turns out the first girl that was dealing with my order left her job and didn't follow it up. And then the warehouse failed to send the frames out to me TWICE, the second time they apparently sent them to another customer!! I called them, complained and they then managed to get it right.

So finally I have them and boy oh boy do I love them. They are going to be essential in covering those dark circles. 

Keep Smiling



  1. ooh they look great on you, shame they took so long but at least its starting to get sunny now :) x

  2. Love these - Just bought a similar pair from LuLu Guinness can't wait to actually get some sun to wear them x

  3. They look amazing on you- such a great choice:) Xx

  4. I was reading back on your blog and after seeing this post I just had to comment! I had this exact problem with Sunglasses-Shop last summer. I ordered a pair of Dior sunglasses, and after 2 weeks was informed they were out of stock, was told I could wait for them to be ordered in which I did, and after 2 months got fed up of waiting and just asked for a refund. I'm glad to hear you got your sunglasses in the end though - I love them! x


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