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i wish

I wish

A few things i'm wishing for this Summer

1.  Roberts Revival radio - I want this so bad.  The kitchen is next on the decorating agenda and this would look amazing with the pastel colours I plan to use.
2.  Blanket - I already have one of these fold up carry blankets but I just adore the colourfulness  of this one. Great for all the picnics im planning on having this summer
3.  Flip Flops - Desperately in need for some new flip flops
4.  Sophie - Every baby needs one of these
5.  Swimsuit - I actually bought this already, its having its first outing tomorrow when I take Fletch swimming
6 & 7.  Hair products - I'm trying to get whats left of my hair in good condition, thanks hormones
8.  Wooden toys - I can't get enough of wooden toys, they just look nicer than plastic ones and look great on display in the nursery
9.  Slippers - I would love to be able to afford these Ugg slippers but £70 is a lot of money just for slippers.  I do need to get a decent pair though and call me a granny but I really love the sheepskin ones.  I seem to go through slippers like no mans business. 

Keep Smiling


  1. I bought my sheepskin slippers from Celtic Sheepskin: http://www.celtic-sheepskin.co.uk/footwear/sheepskin-slippers/?gclid=CP2gw7yQ168CFQMNtAodGBz_Dg

    They're cheaper than the Ugg ones, and made in the UK. I got pink ones :)

  2. Ooooh thanks, I'll take a look x


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