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2 more sleeps

Maxi Skirt + Vest - Primark//Shirt - Newlook

Today I am ridiculously happy because husband comes home on Wednesday THIS WEEK!! I can't even begin to imagine how hard it must have been for him to be away from our baby boy for 6 weeks (I can't even last an hour)

I'm not gonna lie, i'm kinda looking forward to having another pair of hands around here.  If the last 6 weeks have taught me anything its that:

I have a lot more patience than I ever imagined
Babies are unpredictable - you can have one fab day followed by a cranky day
Being up for 2 hours in the night with a baby that has a cold really sucks on your own
My mum is simply awesome - thanks for the meals, helping around the house, the gardening
I really appreciate my husband when he's here
I have the best friends and family in the world - thanks guys, you have really looked after me
~ Being a mum is still rocking my world

I'm actually pretty darn proud of myself for managing on my own these last 6 weeks because quite frankly it hasn't been easy! Single mums deserve medals.

Keep Smiling


  1. I agree! my baba is only 5 days old and Im knackered already!! X

  2. You look radiant! It's so great to hear how enthusiastic you are about being somebody's mum!

  3. aw so pleased that you'll all be together again soon xx love the shirt honey where is it from?

    1. Whoops, I was supposed to list where my outfit was from, I've done it now. Shirt was from New Look last year x

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous :)

  5. Any length of time on your own with a littlie is hard work, so 6 weeks is a real achievement! I bet there will be lots of cuddles all round when Daddy is back.

    You look gorgeous too :)


    1. Thank you. Yes there will be a bucket load of cuddles that's for sure!! x

  6. Love your blog! So glad you popped over to mine so that I could find yours. Going off for a proper read - I want to know where your husb has been for 6 weeks :-)

    Nicki xx

    PS You look gorge in this pic - so summery. I absolutely cannot pull off horizontal stripes but you're thin and lovely - the skirt looks fab.


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