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lets talk tights

£6.50 Boots

I always thought of nude tights as something your granny would wear especially when  there are so many great fake tans out there that give you that lovely natural glow but as I walked through the aisles of Boots last week I found myself perusing the tights.  You see, the good thing about tights is that they hide a multiple of sins, bruises, uneven skintone and your lumpy bits and if you get a decent pair they even make your legs look lovely and shiny. Thanks to Kate Middleton nude tights have become popular again and they are quite literally flying off the shelves and if they are good enough for Kate they are good enough for me.  I decided on these shiny ones and i'm pretty pleased that I don't have to worry about dodgy fake tan streaks anymore (just ladders instead).

If your interested I also picked up some lippy (Revlon True Red) and Mavala Double Lash which apparently strengthens your eyelashes and encourages growth (we'll see about that).

What do you think about nude tights?  Should they be left for your nan?

Keep Smiling


  1. I could not live without my nude tights! They cover a multitude of sins and I am just not brave enough to hit the town in the depths of winter bare-legged!

    Sarah x


  2. I've been wanting to pick up a pair of nude tights myself. Kate just looks so good in them!

  3. I haven't worn nude tights in ages but I may have to try some out! I love Revlon lippies :-) x

  4. a killing combination - a pair of sheer tights and Revlon lippies!


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