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This week the paint brushes came out and I started to decorate Fletchers room.  When I was pregnant we decided to leave the decorating until after the baby was born as we didn't know what flavour he was......fast forward to 3 Feb and my gorgeous little boy came into the world. I didn't want a typical baby blue room so we opted for this lovely shade of green *well I think it's lovely*

The letters are just papier mache letters from Hobbycraft which I covered in fabric bought from Ebay using fabric glue, I really like how they turned out.  You can buy letters already covered in fabric from Mamas and Papas, but they are £10 per letter and as I picked the longest name ever for a boy I didn't fancy spending £80! Doing it myself cost in total about £25 BARGAIN

The room isn't completely finished yet, I still need to get some storage boxes and a nice new lampshade and table lamp as I'm currently using the one from my bedroom but as soon as everything is in place I will share the finished look with you guys.

Keep Smiling


  1. This looks great, I love the shade of green you've chosen too! x

  2. Oh that is so pretty, I love the pattern against the paint colour!



  3. looks really nice.more photos please!


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